Scottish Competition

The traditional Heavy Events competition (see below) takes place at the central axis of the park. This year the competition will be divided into two parts – amateur and professional.

Scottish Dance

The Highland Games wouldn’t be the same without displays and teaching of Scottish Country and Highland Dance, led by the very best Czech and Slovakian dance groups.

Scotch Whisky

What would Scotland be without whisky? I think the answer is obvious. And it certainly won’t be missing at Sychrov this year! The 19th Sychrov Highland Games will be hosting its 9th Whisky Festival, where visitors can taste a range of whiskies.


Scottish and Irish Music

Starting on Saturday morning, the Main Stage will host top Scottish and Irish bands from the Czech Republic and abroad.

A Scottish Speciality

Haggis is the traditional national dish of Scotland, served at Burns’ Suppers (25th January – the birthday of Scotland’s national poet, Robert Burns), and on St. Andrew’s Day (30th November) – the patron Saint of Scotland.


Last year saw the third Sychrov Highland Games Golf Demonstration. Together with whisky and the kilt, golf is one of Scotland’s “national treasures” (for those who don’t know, Scotland is generally considered to be the home of golf).


The Sychrov Castle Falconry will be open for visitors to see a large variety of birds of prey (including the golden eagle, steppe eagle, eagle owl, snowy owl, long-legged buzzard, red-tailed hawk, etc).

British Classic Cars

One of the fringe events at the 19th Sychrov Highland Games will be the 12th annual meeting of British Classic Car owners, whose shiny beauties will be parked in the Castle grounds. If you are the proud owner of such a vehicle and would like to take part, do not hesitate to contact us by email.

Living History

A favourite amongst visitors to the Sychrov Highland Games is our “living museum”, which offers insights into the lives of warriors in the distant past, when Celtic tribes occupied the country, up to the 20th century and World War II.