Last year saw the third Sychrov Highland Games Golf Demonstration. Together with whisky and the kilt, golf is one of Scotland’s “national treasures” (for those who don’t know, Scotland is generally considered to be the home of golf). Thousands of visitors to the Games came into our Golf Tent, where they discovered more information about the game from experiences trainers and players. Hundreds of people tried their hand at golf, some of whom had never held a golf club in hands. This year will be no different. There will be a more extensive presentation of the game with opportunities to practice holding a golf club and attempting a first drive. Part of the presentation will include a 50m competition for newcomers, and a 90m shooting accuracy exhibition match for golfers and archers. Proceeds from both contests will (as in previous years) be donated to Centrum Paraple.

4th Highland Games Sychrov Open Golf Tournament, organized jointly by Whisky&Kilt and Golf Club, will take place on the Friday evening at the Grabštejn Golf Course, near Liberec. The tournament is unique in that all (male) players play the entire tournament in kilts.

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